The Daring Way™

This is the method by which we realise ambition through collaboration, with typical partnerships including:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Organisation Optimisation Coaching
  • Knowledge & Skills Transfer

If any of this is of interest, please read on.

The Daring Way™

At Daring Futures, we’re all about realising ambition – yours

As a boutique consultancy, we offer a unique blend of research and development, with coaching for execution.  We serve technology leaders and their transformation efforts as they design, deliver and grow their digital products and services.  The Daring Way™, has been designed to help leaders and their teams answer 3 fundamental questions:

  • What should we do next?
  • How should we do it?
  • How should we be together?

The work done together in answering these questions, yields insights to support the clarification of the leadership challenge, the formulation of effective strategy, and the profitable execution of these.  These questions are the distillation of our years of experience, and form the 3 principles which permeate the
Daring Way™.  These principles are:

  • Discover – surfacing insights, to support the design of effective strategy
  • Deliver – strategic execution as learning, and the quest for excellence
  • Delight – harnessing intention and outcome in the service of colleagues and customers

Each principle has its own practice which, when executed together, become mutually reinforcing.  The Discover, Deliver, Delight™ playbook contains the finest collection
of Discovery, Delivery, and Delight plays, each designed to support our work as we weave together these 3 core practices, creating your own playbook – your Daring Way™.  This then, is how we realise your ambitions.

1 - Understand the Current Condition

The first step we take in the Daring Way™ is to understand the current condition, in just enough detail, to be clear about the challenge and context for the engagement. We use our Daring Conversations diagnostic play as a guide.

2 - Select the Role to be supported

Once we’re clear on the context and challenge, we next identify the role (or roles) to be supported.

3 - Choose the Partnership you want

The next step is to work with the role (or roles) to define the partnership model wanted for delivering the support. We call this process ‘designing the alliance’, which can be flexed throughout the engagement, to best suit everyone’s needs.

4 - Define the Delight we're striving for

Next we begin to define the initial project outcomes and set our direction by answering the question, “What does Delight look like?”

The initial practice of Delight may begin with a play such as the team agreement. Over time your Delight practice may grow and evolve to encompass other Delight plays, however, you are in control of this - it’s your ambition, your project. You may choose to do any or all of the work executing the plays yourself, which is fine with us, we’re here to serve your ambition.

5 - Focus the initial Discovery

The process of engaging with the initial Delight play surfaces uncertainties and risks, and this is entirely normal. These form the initial work items to be tackled by the Discovery practice. We chose the most appropriate Discovery play to investigate them in sufficient details to move forward. Equally, we might intuitively know where Discovery practice should begin. Either way, here’s where the choices are made regarding the starting point for the Discovery practice work, and thee selection of the appropriate Discovery plays to work with.

6 - Design the initial Delivery

Next, we find that engaging with the initial Discovery play identifies a prototype or pilot to seed the work of the Delivery practice. Once again, the appropriate Delivery play is chosen to initialise the work in this practice, the output of which is connected to the Discovery and Delight practices, creating feedback for the Discover, Deliver, Delight™ virtuous cycle.

7 - The Journey continues...

Whilst you may not have realised it, you are now on your journey, building the 3 practices of Discover, Deliver, Delight™ as you create your own Daring Way™. And we'll course correct as we go, based on the insights these 3 practices yield, as we head towards your own Daring Future.

If you’d like to know more about creating your own Daring Way™, implementing the Discover, Deliver, Delight™ playbook, or how we might be able to support you in your journey towards your own daring future, contact us now.

“According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

Choose The Partnership To Serve You

Using the Daring Way™, we share our playbook (Discover, Deliver, Delight™) which is designed to simplify complexity and amplify the impact of collaboration.  You can either choose to work with the playbook on your own, or choose a partnership model based on the services below and work with us.  In this way we’ll support you, so that you can confidently build and operate your own elegant solutions, and together, we’ll build your own Daring Way™.

Executive Coaching

This type of coaching engagement is 1-to-1, where the agenda is set by you, and everything we discuss is held confidentially. Executive coaching can provide the following benefits:

  • Highlight Blind-spots - less obvious when things are going well, so we look for what our clients haven’t seen.
  • Honest Feedback - we’ll say what most people have not dared not say to you; sometimes we’ll be introducing you to the elephant in the room. How else will you know, and grow?
  • Designed Alliance - the coaching environment we’ll be co-creating is a safe place to think through various topics against an agreed framework of what is in your best interest. Discover is where we establish the topics and framework of our work together, which can be revisited at any time.

Team Coaching

With a team coaching engagement, one of our ICF accredited coaches (or pair of coaches) is working with the team right where the action is, as the team works together. This can be intense and emotionally challenging work, as we explore the team dynamics in real-time. Interventions here are designed to enhance team members’ appreciation of each other and skills in working together, and with other teams. Benefits include:

  • Rapid Formation - supporting the establishment of the team, or a new beginning for an existing team through a new project, strategy, major initiative, fiscal year, or business cycle.
  • Enhanced Capabilities and Relationships - enabling team members to go beyond preconceptions of their roles, to stretch their capabilities, whilst developing richer collaborative connections within the team.
  • Improved Leadership and Impact - helping the team improve its leadership and performance, and the processes by which performance is achieved, through reflection and dialogue.

Organisation Optimisation Coaching

At the team-of-teams level, one of our ICF accredited coaches (or pair of coaches) is working with the leadership team, focussing on the health of the organisation itself. Whilst we take a holistic view of the enterprise, taking into account people, culture and processes, which can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved Alignment - when the leadership team is cohesive and functioning in a healthy way, the alignment of strategy and action permeates throughout the organisation.
  • Increased Engagement - a united leadership team eliminates multiple competing directives, allowing employees to rally around the work. And the increased psychological safety created means they can bring more of themselves to their work.
  • Culture of Collaboration - the virtuous cycle of alignment, engagement, and safety creates the conditions needed to amplify collaboration.

Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Daring Futures are experts in producing and delivery learning and development materials, and successfully transferring these to our clients, so that they can continue to develop the work themselves. In this way, we support the building of our clients’ adaptive competence. Benefits include:

  • Improved Flexible Deployment - with an audit of the current state of the organisation’s talent, contrasted with the capability demands of realising the vision, gaps and opportunities can be identified.
  • Social Network Analysis - by understanding how work is actually done, resources can be allocated to nurture and support key roles and relationships.
  • Operating Model Optimisation - with insights into the organisation’s capabilities and social architecture, authorities and processes can be targeted for improved operational agility.

But don't just take our word for it...