A mutual colleague introduced Andrew to our management team a year ago. At the time we were about to start a visioning exercise. Our product, Prelude, had pivoted from Education K20 to B2B training and from a traditional blended learning tool to an online resource for virtual teams.

Over the ensuing several months, Andrew guided our team through a dynamic, rigorous process of review, inquiry, and analysis.

His global perspective and deep insights were invaluable. Ultimately, Andrew enabled us to transform our thinking about realising Prelude’s full potential to deliver optimal value for our partners and clients.

The positive results are already started to show. Andrew is not just one of the smartest most industrious people we’ve met, he is also one of the finest. His warmth, humour, and generosity of spirit enlivened every one of our virtual meetings throughout. We wholeheartedly believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Andrew is fortunate indeed.