This is the Daring Way™ practice of surfacing insights, to support the design of effective strategy, as we strive to answer the 3 fundamental questions of joyful and impactful collaboration:

  • What should we do next?
  • How should we do it?
  • How should we be together?

If this is of interest, please read on.

The Principle and Practice of Discovery

The profitable execution of the Discover, Deliver, Delight practices is a highly collaborative venture, often in need of coaching support. It is this collaboration coaching that benefits our clients – the difference that makes the difference.

The following Discovery plays have been carefully designed or chosen to support the work done both in this practice, as well as the others. As we partner with our clients, our work weaves these 3 core practices together, creating your own playbook and your Daring Way™.

This then, is how we realise your ambitions.

“According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

Plays for the Discovery Practice

The following Discovery plays have been carefully designed or chosen to support the work done both in this practice, as well as the others. As we partner with our clients, our work weaves these 3 core practices together, creating your own playbook and your Daring Way™.

Vision Canvas (Daring Visions)

We designed our Daring Visions[1] canvas to support structured conversations regarding both the destination of a venture (the vision), and how it is to be brought about (the values and mission). Can be used with individuals, teams, and teams of teams (organisation).
Benefits include:

  • Clarity and Alignment - facilitates a shared understanding of key components of a change project
  • Accountability and Ownership - creates a shared understanding of the critical success factors
  • Psychological Safety - generates the deep trust essential to impactful collaboration.

Market Opportunity Navigator

The Market Opportunity Navigator[2] provides a wide-lens perspective to find different potential market domains for your innovation, before you zoom in and design the business model or test your minimal viable products. This framework can act as the front-end of Customer Development.
Benefits include:

  • Precision - It helps figure out the most promising starting position – market domain – for your customer development process.
  • Navigation Aid - Identify promising alternative Plan B’s and new growth options if you have already embarked on your innovation journey.

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas[3] is a highly effective tool for aligning products with customer needs.
Benefits include:

  • Customer Insight - Identify the customer’s jobs, along with the pains they experience doing those jobs, and gains they’re looking to achieve by doing them.
  • Visualise Value - Define the product components in terms of customer needs, to give full traceability.
  • Product-Market Fit - Allows nuanced adjustments to be made, and documented, during the product life-cycle.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas[4] is a global standard to describe, challenge, and pivot the organisation’s existing business model, as well as prototype new ones.
Benefits include:

  • Organisation Alignment - Provides a common framework for use within an organisation to clarify major components within the business operation, to align the team around these.
  • Test Opportunities - Allows leaders to prototype responses to market opportunities, to identify major components of change.

Operating Model Canvas

The Operating Model Canvas[5] is an excellent accompaniment to the Business Model Canvas work, and both informs strategy as well as supporting its translation into execution.
Benefits include:

  • Transformation Guidance - Provides a shared understanding as to how to optimise an organisation for digitising and operating services.
  • Flexible Deployment - Supports the development of talent, and ensures sufficient authorities are delegated to where the key decisions need to be made.


We also offer a range of services designed to simulate a variety of organisational and operating dynamics. These simulations allow individuals and teams to go beyond concepts and theory, in deepening their learning, by test-driving collaborative practices.

  • Playing Lean[6] - A flight simulator for innovation and Lean Startup. It's an enjoyable board game where players are forced to make difficult choices without risking their life savings or the future of their workplaces.
  • GetKanban[7] - A physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a class or workshop setting.
  • FlowLab[8] - A set of board play business simulations that let you experience flow at different levels of the enterprise.
  • Prelude[9] - Acts as a catalyst towards developing trust, which ultimately leads towards significant increases in team performance. A safe place for the team to tune-up before any major performance.
  • LEGO Serious Play[10] - A technique which improves group problem solving by utilizing visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills. The Method serves as a shared language regardless of culture or position.

ValueMatch Profile

ValueMatch[11] offers online assessment tools and accompanying services based on the ideas of Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations. Where other tests and research are based on behaviour, these instruments measure underlying value systems. This enables us to uncover the dynamics between people and their workplace and so empower employees, teams and organizations to function better. The profiles can be used in the contexts of working with an individual, team or organisational unit.
Benefits include:

  • Culture Assessment - Provides insight into the dynamics between individuals and organisations, which is particularly useful when operating across geographic and cultural boundaries, or following merger or acquisition.
  • Values Alignment - Facilitates an awareness of, and attunement to, different value systems, thereby setting the stage for more harmonious collaborations.
  • Change Readiness - Indicates the current energetic state of being across 5 change states, which provides indicators to the type of intervention most likely to succeed for the given change.

Personal Insight

Finally, we offer a range of services designed to discover personal insights, either for personal development, or combining in collaborative team-based development. Each of these tools allow individuals and teams to explore a variety of aspects of themselves, in safety, so that they may bring more of themselves to what they do.

  • IKIGAI[12] - Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”. We coach this process with individuals in search of greater purpose in their work, and with teams as part of a forming process.
  • 360-degree feedback & review[13] - We offer this service as part of a personal development plan (PDP), typically at the start and end of an intervention.
  • Moving Motivators[14] - An exploration into 10 intrinsic motivators, which can be insightful for understanding how individuals and teams make decisions. Knowing what motivates us, and learning to work with that, is like a carpenter knowing how to work with the grain of the wood.
  • Gallup Strengths[15] - Based on strengths psychology, this service makes explicit the talent that lies within an individual, as well as the ingredients that make up a team. This knowledge can support the design of effective teams, as well as identify potential areas that might impede collaboration.
  • Gallup BP10 profile[16] - Designed for entrepreneurs, executives and product teams, this service identifies innate talents for starting and growing something of economic value. Again, these insights can be used to design effective teams, as well as personalised development.
  • Personality Assessment[17] - Based on the Big 5 aspects scale, this service helps you determine what jobs suit you and why, what sort of people you are likely to find compatible (and incompatible), where your strengths and weaknesses lie and, perhaps most importantly, just how profound the differences between individuals actually are.

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