This is the Daring Way™ practice of strategic execution as learning, and the quest for excellence, as we strive to answer the 3 fundamental questions of joyful and impactful collaboration:

  • What should we do next?
  • How should we do it?
  • How should we be together?

If this is of interest, please read on.

The Principle and Practice of Delivery

The profitable execution of the Discover, Deliver, Delight practices is a highly collaborative venture, often in need of coaching support. It is this collaboration coaching that benefits our clients – the difference that makes the difference.

The following Delivery plays have been carefully designed or chosen to support the work done both in this practice, as well as the others. As we partner with our clients, our work weaves these 3 core practices together, creating your own playbook and your Daring Way™.

This then, is how we realise your ambitions.

“According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

Plays for the Delivery Practice

The following Delivery plays have been carefully designed or chosen to support the work done both in this practice, as well as the others. As we partner with our clients, our work weaves these 3 core practices together, creating your own playbook and your Daring Way™.


StoryMapping[18] is an interactive process for managing delivery requirements as a list of work items to be delivered, and an agreed plan by which the work will be done.
Benefits include:

  • Clarity of Dependencies - as work items are decomposed using the process, the interconnected nature of the work items is made clear and more manageable.
  • Fluid Prioritisation - the process brings clarity to the relative priority of work items, making the sequencing of work items straightforward.
  • Promotes Collaboration - the nature of the process fosters trust and transparency, all of which enhances team collaboration.

Business Process (Flow) Optimisation

Flow optimisation[19] is the activity of inspecting business processes, reviewing their effectiveness at delivering business results, and adapting where needed.
Benefits include:

  • Cash Generation - operating cost savings and increased asset utilisation makes projects immediately profitable.
  • Increased Agility - streamlined processes creates the ability to rapidly respond to opportunities.
  • Optimised for Automation - we strongly advise this work be done when digitising business processes, or implementing any new technology, to magnify the efficiencies automation will bring.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints[20] are a proven methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.
Benefits include:

  • Alignment & Clarity - quickly aligns a team and stakeholders alike around a shared vision, clearly defined goals and deliverables.
  • Low Cost - the method benefits from being inexpensive to implement, and able to use low cost prototyping tools, for maximum impact.
  • Valuable Data - high risk hypotheses are mitigated quickly with real customers, providing rapid, valuable feedback.

Project Go (Sprint Zero)

Project Go[21] events are facilitated engagements (typically 2 weeks) which bring together the product team and the build team for the first time.
Benefits include:

  • Achieves Alignment - by establishing a clear, shared understanding about what the project involves and why it exists.
  • Builds Momentum - by getting the product and build teams to work together to start the project.
  • Clarifies Roles - develops working relationships among a project community, core team, and sponsors.

Accelerated Delivery

We also offer a range of services to support the collaboration needs of accelerated delivery teams. This support might include the development of roles and authorities, leadership and decision-making, mastering conflict, stakeholder management, and the use of statistical models for data-driven decision-making, such as forecasting and process optimisation.

  • Scrum[22] - A lightweight delivery framework, with clear roles and responsibilities, which delivers value iteratively.
  • Kanban[23] - A lean method of delivering value continuously, based on the core principles of visualising the workflow and limiting the work in process.

High Impact Programs

We also offer a range of interventions designed to rapidly deliver outstanding results.

  • Personal Impact Program (PIP)[24] - Designed to support talent new to role, to give them the best start possible.
  • Team Advantage Program (TAP)[25] - Designed to harness the diversity within a team, support their collaborative development, and maximise their effectiveness as a team.
  • OKRs[26] -A framework to align goals through the organisation, supported by research showing that this improves performance and engagement.
  • Bootcamps[27] - Short, highly experiential learning and development programs, specifically designed to embed key skills.

Tools for Transformation

Our Tools for Transformation interventions are based on proven proven methods, and deliver change that is both valuable and sustainable.

  • Toyota Kata[28] - the application of scientific thinking in service of delivering transformation through daily practice.
  • OpenSpace Agility (OSA)[29] - for those clients requiring rapid and lasting change, at scale.

Innovation Lab

Saving the best to the last, Innovation Lab[30] is our flagship delivery intervention, and a firm favourite with clients, too. The Innovation Lab combines all of our favourite activities into a single, high value, venture.
Benefits include:

  • Rapid Prototyping - Innovation Lab is all about delivering appropriate-tech prototypes, as fast as possible, in order to get the customer feedback needed to de-risk to product.
  • Context for Collaboration - the Lab is an ideal facility to test drive and foster collaborative ways of working, be it with colleagues or business partners.
  • Execution as Learning - the activities of delivering prototypes yields unique process insights which further de-risk products, whilst enhancing profitability.

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