Andy has an exceptional skill of bringing the best out in you!

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We will miss you immensely, but you impact here will never be lost!

Customers Story

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About You

You're already successful, with a track record of overcoming challenges and delivering results. I know that for a fact or you wouldn't reading this.

Clients that typically seek me out are effective learners and are highly motivated, always on the lookout for something that will give them a slight edge or improvement.

But, there will be something novel about a situation they face in which their existing talents and knowledge aren't yielding the results they expect, and what they are looking for is a fresh perspective on their situation.

  • Maybe you're in a new team who haven't worked together before, tasked with delivering a high risk, high profile project using new tools, methods, or even remotely
  • Or you're managing an existing project that is failing to deliver, despite having the right people and plenty of stakeholder support
  • Or perhaps you're designing the transformation of your enterprise, looking to harmonise the change with the best of what's already working well, to delight customers and build an enduring business

About The Work

Whilst every client engagement is different, I've identified specific patterns and themes in my 40 years of doing this work, which I've incorporated into the Daring Futures playbook.

I am experienced in the use of a wide variety of tools and techniques used to surface insights, support design, aid execution and reflection. And I offer this experience to clients, which is brought into sharp focus in service of the engagement. Broadly speaking these interventions fall into the following categories:

  • Administering diagnostic instruments
  • Analysis of results and reporting
  • Individual and team coaching, and mentoring
  • Learning and development events, such as design and delivery of workshops and bespoke training material, as well as off-the-shelf training and certification (e.g. Kanban University)
  • All delivered with a liberal sprinkling of fun and facilitation
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About Me

I believe people are natural born builders. As children we loved to build stuff; products of play became games, art, shared imagined worlds, and gifts for others. As adults we’re happiest when we’re building and collaborating, with the products of play becoming relationships, careers, as well as products and services for sharing with our customers.

I believe that building at work brings joy and impact to the world. It’s great to build, and it’s even better when we build together, and share what we’ve built.

You can read more about as you explore my playbook:


Our work here helps you answer the question, what should we do next?

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Our work here helps you answer the question, how should we do it?

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And our work here helps you and your team answer the question, how will we be together?

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